Who can benefit from our services?

Whether you feel stressed out, anxious, need to release tension, alleviate pain, address a personal health challenge or a goal, or simply because you want to take great care of Yourself, I am happy to assist you on your path to ultimate health and wellbeing.

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How to find inner peace & physical and emotional balance?

The human body, like all living things, is an incredibly effective self-healing organism. Once you feel at peace and the energy within the body is in balance, self-healing and happiness naturally unfolds!

Practicing Qigong and sound and vibrational therapy are the main health modalities we are using.

When you work on muscles, it takes training to get them stronger. It is the same principle with the mind and the nervous system: It takes some training to calm the mind, go into a deep state of relaxation to reprogram pathways in the brain.  There are several techniques or modalities to counteract  patterns of anxiety and negative thinking and train our body and mind to slow down, be more focused, bring clarity, and overall to balance our emotions so we feel peaceful, strong, confident and happier! 

The health modalities we are offering work at the energetic level so we are touching the deep core of our being because that's what we are: energy! The body is a network of vibrational fields and energy currents, and with these modalities we regulate energetic flow through the meridians, we bring harmonious frequencies into our cells so we access our self-healing abilities. 

In addition these health modalities expand our awareness, allow us to reconnect with nature, and with who we truly are . It allows a connection with what we can call our True Self , Higher Self, Spirit, Source, inner wisdom, inner intelligence, inner guidance, Spiritual world, Teachers, Guides, Dao or God.... whichever word resonates with you. We like to use the word "inner guidance"

Hi, I'm Sophie

Over the past 17 years I have been experiencing, practicing and studying a palette of Eastern ancient practices, and medicine,  as well as modern holistic Western healing modalities. I have been amazed that on an energetic level, what can appear a soft and subtle therapy or practice is actually the most powerful one as we are dealing here with the core of our being, our mind and roots of emotions.     

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