Ayurveda and other holistic therapies

In private sessions we sometimes use Ayurvedic therapies and the modern holistic therapy the “Technique Neuro-cutanée”  (TNC)  when we feel it is needed.

Sophie Zambrano

Ayurvedic therapies

Pranic Healing:

A system of healing through energy. It is essentially a no-touch modality that utilizes “prana” or “chi” to balance. The energy will go where it needs to go to remove blockages and support self-healing. It is commonly known as “chakra balancing” as we work on these vortices of energy (Chakras).

Shirodhara, one of Ayurveda’s most profound relaxation therapies. 

A service offered upon special request. A lukewarm oil is gently applied in a steady stream over the forehead and between the eyebrows where the hormones of relaxation are secreted. This rhythmic pouring of oil calms the mind and induces a deep sense of relaxation and peacefulness. These hormonal secretions are responsible for our moods and emotional states.

Shirodhara not only is soothing and rejuvenating for the nervous system, but it helps to balance the emotions, and calms the mind. Shirodhara works on all the subtle energies of the body. When applied on a regular basis, Shirodhara supports the overall aspect of our health and acts positively on the mind and spirit! 

Marma Therapy The “Ayurvedic acupuncture” without needles

According to the science of Ayurveda we have 107 energy points on the body. In this treatment we work on these points to restore the proper flow of “prana”, or energy through the entire body to ease specific conditions, restore balance and support self-healing. Essential oils are applied on specific marma/energy points.

Other Holistic therapies

“Technique Neuro-cutanée”  (TNC)

A light-touch technique developed and practiced by osteopaths and acupuncturists in Canada and France.

TNC relieves pain, tension, stiffness and dysfunction related to most soft tissues, joints, muscles and to the digestive system. It slows the whole body to relax and self-correct. It increases blood flow releasing blockages. It brings balance on the energetic level, so overall it facilitates the body’s healing system.

A soft pressure is applied on the fascia (soft tissues) where spasms/imbalances have been detected. Neuro-spasms are a tangible expression of imbalance in bodily form that is palpable to the touch. In TNC we detect and correct the points of skin tension or neuro-spasms which will automatically restore all associated musculoskeletal or energy imbalances, even profound.

A spasm is a neuro-tissue shrinkage that occurs as a muscle spasm. It can be caused by physical trauma, a wrong move, postural problems, infection, food poisoning, heat shock, emotional shock, mental stress, etc. Neuro-spasms settle when the body is faced with an imbalance that cannot be corrected immediately. This imbalance disrupts tissues and functions related to the brain and stimulates nervous systems. This causes cell retraction creating neuro-spasm. As long as the imbalance is present and neuro-spasms are not corrected, joint, muscle and circulatory disorders associated may remain in the body for many years, even a lifetime. Hence the major advantage of TNC is to release these neuro-spasms responsible for so much suffering! 

For more info: www.massotnc.com