QiGong Flow Practice

Qi means “life force energy” and gong means “developing skill”, so the Chinese word Qigong is often translated as “energy cultivation” or “energy work”. When our vital Qi is blocked, we feel pain. When Qi becomes weak, we feel tired. Practicing Qigong our vital Qi is flowing, we feel energized yet peaceful, healthy and happy!

Sophie Zambrano

Breathe, Move, Stretch and Relax

Qigong has been around for thousands of years but not much known by our society until recently as its teachings have  expanded to the Western civilization. It is becoming popular because it is a fun practice for everyone with countless benefits. Using ancient wisdom it is an effective way to help us face today’s challenges and age gracefully.

Like in Yoga, there are many different styles of Qigong. The one we are teaching is a flow that includes medical Qigong, martial art Qigong and spiritual Qigong. Some movements during a Qigong practice might remind you of Tai Chi because all martial artists cultivate their Qi for peak performance.

“Qigong is the art and science of refining and cultivating internal energy.” Ken Cohen

Practicing Qigong teaches us to manage stress and anxiety, cultivate inner strength and stability, and increase vitality. It calms the nervous system and allows Qi to circulate smoothly which leads to physical and emotional balance, and slows down aging. Qigong raises our vibrations and bring  “la joie de vivre!” 

In Qigong we say that we are in the flow when in alignment with ourselves (physically and emotionally),  and in alignment with the energy around us. 

There are countless benefits at different levels:

Physical level:

Qi gong promotes body alignment, clears away obstruction and impurities, stagnant Qi, old energies that no longer serve us. Therefore it allows good circulation of the body fluids (lymphatic system and blood); 

 Practicing Qigong warms up of tendons, ligaments, and muscles; releases physical tensions, tonifies organs, brings vitality, calms the nervous system and boosts the immune system. 

When practicing Qigong on a regular basis we produce less stress hormones (cortisol) and more of the anti-aging hormones so we can age gracefully.

 Mental and emotional levels: 

When Qi circulates, your body, mind and emotion are in a state of harmony and balance. In medical Qigong we work on specific areas to release stress, depression, and anxiety. 

Emotions that are not processed create energy blockages in the body. In our Qigong practice we learn to become aware of our emotions without judgment, and accept them so we can process them. Using breathwork also helps to transform the emotions.

Practicing Qigong calms the mind. It replaces the thousands of thoughts with one concentration as you practice the movements slowly, softly, and smoothly and focus on the breath.. This cultivates effortless concentration and mindfulness consequently on the mental level. It brings clarity and gains vision.

Balanced emotions means equanimity and happiness!

Energetic level:

Practicing Qigong regulates energetic flow through the meridians and aligns our 3 main energy centers: the lower, middle and upper Dantian. Healing takes place in this alignment.

In Qigong we feel the Qi because we work here on the energy level. As we stretch muscles and ligaments, open the joints, work on the spine, we feel the Qi. It is different from yoga where we focus on the physical sensations of the exercise, as here we are focusing on the energy flowing through the meridians and throughout the body.

In Qigong we use our "Yi" (conscious mind=10%) to work on our subconscious mind (90%). 

Spiritual Level:

Qigong is often referred to as a meditation in movement. As we are focusing on the breath and the movement, as we feel the Qi, become aware of our emotions and physical sensations, we are expanding our consciousness.

In Qigong we also learn to connect with our organs, with nature around us, with higher forces such as the five elements, the Yin energy of the Earth and the Yang energy of Heavens.

Qigong is the path to cultivation, spiritual cultivation and Qi cultivation. Understanding our place in the universe.

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