Group Sessions: Sound Journeys

Group Sessions: Sound Journeys

Pure relaxation with sacred sounds, washing away stress, harmonizing and raising our vibrations, and connecting with our inner guidance

Sophie Zambrano

Group sessions are tailored for our customers.  We are offering 2 options:

Our most popular: Sound Journey

As we play a  wide variety of sound healing instruments participants go onto into a deep state of relaxation. Immersed into an ocean of sound and vibrations,  the body recalibrates itself as every cells in the physical body receive and resonate with the harmonious vibrations. The sound journey  calms the mind bringing clarity, balances the emotions . It is a journey within, allowing us to connect with our authentic self/inner guidance.

Being in that state of deep relaxation, feelings of peace flood throughout the body, and feelings of joy might arise. It gives us an opportunity of detachment to our current situation, seeing things from a different perspective and without using our mental but rather our inner wisdom.

This 60 minutes session starts with a breathing practice to calm the mind and balance the nervous system, followed by a couple of warm ups to circulate the Qi (life force energy) within the body, based on the Qigong flow practice.  Participants are then guided into a deep state of relaxation. As they are surrounded and immersed by the healing sounds and vibrations they will naturally go into a deep meditative state and start their journey. 

“Sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our body.”

The Sound healing instruments:

We play a variety of sound healing instruments:  the symphonic gong, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, crystal pyramid, chimes, drum and more. 

The sacred sound of the gong clears blockages and restores the free flow of vital energy throughout the body. The mind cannot resist the sound of the gong so you will enter in a very peaceful state of mind.

The sound frequency of singing bowls harmonizes our vibrating cells through oscillation and resonance, it brings our mind in a meditative state (alpha and theta brain waves) which creates a general emotional wellbeing.

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A memorable sound experience!    What you can expect:

You will leave feeling  “aligned” and peaceful. In that state your body is highly receptive to healing. You will have  a guaranteed profound night sleep!

You may also feel some or all the following: emotional or physical release from blockages, emotional shifts, physical tingling, lightness, or floating sensation. As your life force energy is flowing freely you will feel energized, rejuvenated, yet peaceful.

Other sensations: clarity of the mind with possible answers to your questions being able to connect with your inner guidance. Colors, images, and memories may be coming up.

Some might even wander in other “worlds”, dreaming, imagining them or feeling connected to a non-ordinary reality.

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What to bring: 

 Wear comfortable clothes, bring a yoga mat or a blanket to lay down for the final relaxation. A pillow, an additional blanket or a sweater for extra comfort.

NEW! We are offering private group sessions at Yoga 1 studio in Hollywood, FL (Oakwood plaza). Cost for a one hour session in a private yoga room: $200

As a second option:

A Qigong practice combined with a Sound journey

Going deeper within, balancing our energies and raising our vibrations: a combination of our Qigong flow practice with a Sound journey session. 

A 90 minutes session  for ultimate wellbeing. 

As we start  with a Qigong flow practice, we release stagnant energy within the body so that the participant’s body and mind are open to receive the healing frequencies of the sacred sounds. Through guided meditation and drum beats, participant’s naturally go into a deep state of relaxation, immersed by healing sounds and are ready for their sound journey.

Every session is different using various breathing techniques, warm ups and Qigong flows based on the focus of the session


A relaxing and restorative break for stress and anxiety relief, physical and emotional balance, vitality and clarity of mind.

Choose one of the three options above, from a relaxing break to a longer restorative session.  Each session includes breathing techniques, flowing movement with Qigong and pure relaxation with sound Healing

Offering to your family, friends employees, members, hotel guests or conference participants the opportunity to join our group sessions have proven benefits directly for the employees themselves and indirectly to the company, for the guests of the hotel who will keep in memory a relaxing experience, and of course from club members who will enjoy this unique experience bringing inner peace right at their door.

The session is usually a combination of breathing techniques for a calm mind, a short Qigong Flow practice with gentle stretches and flowing movements for good posture and allowing the Qi (energy) to circulate freely throughout the body. The other half of the session is a Sound Journey for deep relaxation at the sound of the gong and Tibetan and crystal bowls and other sound healing instruments.

Sessions can be done outdoors if it includes mostly a Qigong flow practice ending with a short relaxation. Qigong is often practiced in nature and participants will benefits from the energy of nature around them. Outdoors are practiced early in the morning or later in the afternoon in our Floridian climate.

Indoors sessions allow a longer session of sound healing and can be done at any time of the day or even later in the evening to get ready for a good night sleep.

Our sessions are designed for groups of up to 15 people.

We are adjusting the sessions according to your needs.

Why to offer sessions to your friends, staff, guests, and members

Stress reduction

The main focus being the relaxation, our group sessions will of course help relieve stress. These practices have been known to promote serenity and lucidity, lessens anxiety. Sound healing brings about a peaceful mind and harmonizes the cells in the body.

Enhancement of brain function, anxiety relief, clarity of mind and improved attention span

Studies have shown that a simple twenty-minute yoga style session could improve concentration and memory capacities. Meditation and breathing exercises help to silence the noise and clear the clutter, letting the participants be more alert and focused. As the sound journey and the Qigong flow practice release stress and bring an energetic balance on the physical and emotional level, it allow to declutter the mind, and reduce the feelings of being overwhelmed and the anxiety.

Better emotional regulation

… and better impulse control. Qigong practice and the sound healing bring balance on the emotional level and can alleviate feelings of anger and frustration, therefore harmonize all relationships including the ones in the business world.

Increases positivity

When one is focused and energetic, he/she shows positive thinking. When not stressed and feeling peaceful, the chatter in one’s mind and rumination will stop.

Increases vitality and slow down aging

Moving the body and stretching helps the energy to flow smoothly and reduces fatigue.  Stretching or physical activity also increases blood circulation. Practicing Qigong is known for removing stagnant Qi (life force energy) and supports a good circulation of energy and blood. Qigong is know as a practice helping to slow down aging.

Alleviates physical pain due to sitting long hours and posture

If you are suffering from regular headaches, carpal tunnel, neck strain, shoulder stiffness, and musculoskeletal disorders, chances are that it  affects your mood, creativity and productivity.  Moving the body, stretching and some specific exercises help alleviate the pain. In Qigong we have special flows to improve posture, relieve neck, shoulders and lower back pain. As we promote a smooth flow of energy, it also positively impacts  the muscles, tendons and ligaments. 

Qigong is a soft practice, all movements are done smoothly and participants should never use force but rather intention to do the movements.

Participants should wear comfortable clothes, bring a yoga mat or a blanket to lie down for the final relaxation, and a pillow, an additional blanket or a sweater for extra comfort.

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Contact us for our fees and schedule a session at your home, workplace, hotel/resort, beach club or condo association.