Journeying and cacao ceremonies

What if you were able to find inner peace within no matter the outside circumstances? What if you could train your brain to re-connect with its inner guidance, helping you to solve problems or take decisions that your analytical mind cannot?  

Sophie Zambrano
Journeying is experienced in private sessions and in group events during a Sound Journey.
NEW! In group Sound Journey we are now facilitating cacao ceremonies

Cacao ceremonies trace their origins to indigenous traditions in Central and South America. In these regions, cacao has long been used for its medicinal and ceremonial properties. 

Known as  “the food of the Gods”, it is one of the highest food sources of antioxidants and minerals, rich in mood-enhancing compounds.

The cacao ceremony is designed to bring us in an uplifted state, develop our awareness, and inspire our creativity. Cacao has also long been regarded for its ability to enhance intuition and promote clarity of thought and decision making.

During our cacao ceremony, participants connect to the five elements, Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth as we open the directions. As they "travel" through the elements they receive more clarity on the intentions they would like to set for the ceremony.

Journeying is such a vast experience, we use different terms to best describe it according to one’s intention and how deep you would like to go into your inner journey:
  • Zen journey: a calming peaceful journey going into a deep state of relaxation
  • Meditative journey with a spiritual dimension (expansion of awareness and connection to inner guidance)
  • Shamanic journey with the intention to connect with non ordinary reality and spiritual world.
The Zen journey

We are inviting you to experience an inner journey. . It is a journey that is taking you away from stress, worries, or racing thoughts to a state of deep relaxation, serenity, peacefulness, being present in the moment. We are using sound healing to help you reach that state, so we call it also a sound journey.

In our  journeys, we use the sacred sound of the gong, singing bowls, chimes and other sound healing instruments to calm the mind.and change the brain waves frequencies. . Scientific study has found that when we are in an ordinary state of consciousness our brain waves are in a beta state. Playing the sound healing instruments slows down the brain waves bringing them first to an alpha state, which is a light, meditative state of consciousness, and then into a deeper state called a theta state. 

Journeying can be experienced as an easy and pleasant way to go into a deep meditative state, but we could add a spiritual dimension to it. 

Meditative Journey

When journeying for a spiritual purpose we set an intention. The intention can be to expand our awareness, to connect with our inner guidance, inner wisdom, Soul, Higher-Self, True Self, or connect with Source, helping spirits, angels, God, Buddha, Dao, there are so many words for it, we like to use  “inner guidance” but you can use the word that resonates the most with you. 

Like in the Zen journey we are playing sound healing instruments to alter your state of consciousness (from beta to alpha or theta) and let your journey begin. At that point you might see colors, images, see things like in a dream, feel warm or more sensitive to sensory perceptions, receive messages or just have a general feeling/guidance with clarity of mind.

The experience of journeying varies greatly upon the person, the intention  set beforehand and the timing in one’s life. The same person could have a very different experience  from one time to another. 

The more often you are journeying, the more relaxed you will be and the deeper you will go within. It is like meditating, it is a practice.

There is a fine line between the deep meditative journey and the shamanic journey. 

The differences:  the intention, how we guide you into it,  and the sound instruments played to bring you to an altered state of consciousness.

Shamanic Journey

The term Journey has often been used in reference to a shamanic practice. Shamanism is  the most ancient spiritual practice which dates back to over 100,00 years! It has been practiced all over the world in all continents. 

During a shamanic journey one sets the intention to  “travel” outside of time to a hidden realm, to the non-ordinary reality in order to connect with the spiritual world. 

You might think it is getting a little woohoo. We are NOT talking about an out of the body experience. Again, this is an inner journey!   It is similar to a meditative journey but once you are in an altered state of consciousness we will guide you to go to the Lower World or the Upper World with the intention to connect with the spiritual world, and stay aware of what you see, hear, or feel.  We will go over all details, and answer your questions before starting the shamanic journey.

Shamans use rhythmic or monotonous drumming and rattling to slow down the brain waves so we are not using as much the analytical part of the mind but we become more open, creative, and compassionate During the shamanic journey we use both the sound healing instruments of the Zen Journey and the Meditative Journey but we also create a sacred space using the shamanic drum.

During the journey, you might experience the same as in a Meditative Journey (see colors, images, etc.) and receive messages.  metaphors or feel guided on the specific questions you have asked, setting your intention at the beginning of the journey.

We recommend 5 sessions to allow you to dive deeper every time and train the body and mind to relax and change the brains ‘s pathways and thoughts patterns. . On the first time, clients usually start to experience a Zen journey, then they go into a more Meditative Journey to finally experience a shamanic journey as they dive deeper within.

At the beginning of each journey, we do some breathwork which is adapted to the intention of the journey.

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