Private Sessions: Inner Journey

Private Sessions: Inner Journey

Using sound and vibrational therapy, we are taking you to a journey into deep relaxation, allowing your body to recalibrate itself, your mind to be peaceful. Let the waves of sound wash over the stress, and the specific sound frequencies of the tuning forks applied on acupuncture points travel deeply into the body along our energy pathways to bring balance and harmony.

Sophie Zambrano
Whether you feel stressed, anxious, need to release tension, alleviate pain, address a personal health challenge or a goal, need clarity to make a decision or simply because you want to take great care of Yourself, this is a UNIQUE experience. 
The human body, like all living things, is an incredibly effective self-healing organism!

Sound has been used for thousands of years from cultures around the world as a healing tool. Using sound, we are going back to our roots, to the Creation of the Universe.

Everything in the universe is in a state of vibration, all energy vibrates at a certain frequency. We are vibrating energy beings: from our bones, tissues, fluids, ultimately all our cells and our electromagnetic field have an optimal vibrational frequency. When we are out of sync, it creates dissonance in these frequencies which cause imbalances which can eventually cause dis-ease.  Stress is at the roots of most of our “dissonances”.

Sound healing instruments are played all along our  sessions so you will go effortlessly into a deep meditative state. As your body and mind get into that state of deep relaxation they automatically readjust, balance, that is when self-healing happens.

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We are offering private sessions in Hollywood, FL where we are located.

We also occasionally offer private sessions at diverse locations as we are working with health professionals.

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Vibrational therapy with Acutonics tuning forks

Acutonics applied on acupuncture points and meridians bring back our cells into a state of harmony where greater health and self-healing is the natural outcome. The sound travels throughout the body using the meridian pathways clearing stagnant energy and our cells resonate with the frequencies applied through the tuning forks which brings overall balance.

The Acutonics tuning forks we are using are based on cosmology, their frequencies correspond to the orbit of planets (moon, sun, earth, etc.). When we apply Acutonics, our bodies and our soul remember these cosmic tones. We prompt the body to remember and reformat to this initial harmony through the application of specific sound frequencies. This has a profound effect on attuning to our heavenly given essence, to establish balance, harmony and a deep connection between our physical and subtle bodies.

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Sound Healing Instruments

Feel the vibrations resonating throughout every cell of your body bringing a harmonious sense of calmness as we play the sacred sound of the  gong, the relaxing symphony of the Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, crystal pyramid, chimes and other sound healing instruments.   

The sacred sound of the gong clears blockages and restores the free flow of vital energy throughout the body. The mind cannot resist the sound of the gong so you will enter in a very peaceful state of mind.

The sound frequency of singing bowls harmonizes our vibrating cells through oscillation and resonance, it brings our mind in a meditative state (alpha and theta brain waves) which creates a general emotional wellbeing.

You will feel surrounded and immersed into the vibrations of several sound healing instruments.

As you enter that deep state of relaxation you will be guided into a specific type of breath.  This is when your inner journey starts!

Inner Journey

There are several dimensions in your inner journey, so we use different terms to best describe it:

  • Zen journey: a calming peaceful journey going into a deep state of relaxation
  • Meditative journey with a spiritual dimension (expansion of awareness and connection to inner guidance)
  • Shamanic journey with the intention to connect with non ordinary reality and spiritual world.
  • A journey to release using the Conscious Connected Breath (CCB)

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Your experience will vary upon your intention and also what is needed at the present movement. It is generally suggested to be open, let go and have no attachment in your expectations.  You will receive what you are ready for and what is needed at that moment.

From one session to another one, the experience might be very different. It can vary from a very relaxing experience, to expanded awareness; from feelings of lightness and openness to a profound healing experience releasing emotions or trauma; from  feeling more connected to everything, to feeling connected to your inner intelligence/authentic Self having clarity; from seeing colors, or images to having visions, from a sensory experience (physical sensations) to hearing sounds or words; from just feeling what is right for you to being guided by helping spirits, or angels. It can even be a transpersonal  experience as you feel like you are floating in the stars!

Like with muscles, the more you train the stronger they get. In mediation and journeying, the same principle applies. As you journey more frequently , the easier and faster you will be  into a state of deep relaxation,  your brain cells will develop more connections with new neural pathways in the brain with improved creativity, cognitive skills such as mind clarity,  concentration, ability to go within, and memory.  It is like training your body and mind to learn to get into relaxation, leading to emotional balance and equanimity. 

Going deeper into the experience of journeying,  and if you are setting your intention into it, you will tap into the spiritual dimension. Journeying is a way to connect  with your inner intelligence, inner wisdom, true self, higher self, authentic self, your soul, the Source, helping spirits, God, Buddha, whichever words resonates with you.

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Each session is tailored according to your needs and what you would like to focus on. Some of the following modalities might be added to the sound and vibrational therapy:

  • Pranic Healing
  • Shamanic journeying
  • Foot massage using the Ayurvedic Kansa wand
  • Shirodhara therapy (upon request)
  • A modern holistic therapy, the “Technique neuro-cutanée” (TNC) which is a soft touch approach for pain relief and created by osteopaths (TNC is very popular in Canada and France)

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All services offered are not intended to be used in the diagnosis, treatment or mitigation of any physical or mental illness.  If you have any doubts or concerns, or if a condition persists, consult a qualified healthcare professional. The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA.